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Monday, February 17, 2014

I really should be doing hawaii part 2 
well, that should have happened a while ago
but this is happening right now...
I have started teaching voice and piano lessons from my living room
we'll just let the video say the rest:)

can we just all agree the freeze frame on my videos are ridiculous and horrifying.
here's my good friendstudent Phaya 
He's from haiti and he made it to the last round of American Idol
but was turned away..
so we're preparing him for the XFactor


--if you're interested in lessons via skype or in person, click the link on the side with my big-A face on it and message me! xoxo--

in a hawaiian dream part I

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

we just had the darndest time in Hawaii
Have you been?
You need to go
but i wanna tell you the insider secrets and what's worth doing and what's not worth doing
because money--
doesn't stretch far in the islands, my friends
so i wanna talk about what we did 
and hopefully you can take a little bit from this for your next excursion to da'aina
(that means island)
((yes we're gonna split this up into a few parts!))
if you dig looking over a never ending ocean abyss on your next flight over seas AND manage to NOT picture your plane spiraling down to your life vest failing, jack and rose esq, shark ripping off your limbs doom...
wait till the 'fasten seat belt' sign is off and get up and take a picture from the window on the hatch door next to the bathroom--
the window next to your seat won't snap this beauty
(I dig it)

take cheesy pictures of everything
including every palm tree you encounter
so we were really lucky on this trip.
James's SAINT of a cousin set us up in her old apartment

^this was our side^
^this was our neighbors side^
 don't spend your money on a hotel.
you should spend as little time in your sleeping space as humanly possible
you are on an island, its 80 degrees and if you wanna sit and do nothing, go to the beach and lay
SO I recommend AIRBNB and literally get the cheapest place possible
you'll be staying in an apartment most likely, which will give you more of a local experience anyway!
it was really fun pretending we were locals and making friends with our neighbors for the week

see if you can find your way to this hotel's beach
James's cousin is a local, meaning she was born and raised in honolulu and knows all the secrets
she knows what hotels you can sneak into pools at, and which you avoid
she took us to the beach behind the Sheraton Honolulu
and we surfed and layed and it was beautiful and the waves were perfect for us beginner dorks

here is james surfing like a pro
now, the next thing you'll need, is a delicious baby

(sorry for the boob shot)
(or, you're welcome)

this baby's name, is Fire
his mom is james's cousin, Maggie and his dad is also Fire
He is from the Virgin Islands and he is Rasta
they are perfect and they created the perfect baby
then you try to put on this Japanese floatation device made for infants
and then quickly take it off cause it appears to be suffocating the baby
let's talk about malasadas
listen, I don't have much to say about these because they are that good
malasadas are a Portuguese doughnut 
and they can come filled with creme, haupia (coconut) or chocolate
and they will change your life
now, malasadas are found all over, but LEONARDS ARE THE BEST
don't ask questions, just go.
My last little piece of advice for today, is probably gonna be the most beneficial
so when i first got to hawaii i was like okay i don't want to get a car that "looks" like a rental
this sounds---terrible
but when you look like a rental, you get cut off more, people don't let you in and frankly aren't very nice to you...
BUT man i'll tell you what
rental cars are like 70, 80 bucks a day
so when we found a smart car place....
with SMART CAR RENTAL plastered all over the place
I didn't even care
it was $50 a day for 3 days
we drove around the island like twice 
around town ALL DAY
and only used 12 dollars worth of gas.


make up

Thursday, January 16, 2014

what does one do at 11pm on a Thursday?
make a MAKE UP TUTORIAL of course!

once upon a time...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

once upon a time 
about 3 years ago
my girlfriends had all found a place to live in SLC for our winter break
and I was just SOL
I was laying in bed one night till 2 in the morning
so upset that nothing was falling into place
I couldn't I M A G I N E
living at home for the winter (love you mom and dad....but you know)
and I felt so angry that every job
every apartment
was falling through
and a thought entered my head
h a w a i i
which sounded awesome, obviously
and impossible
so I messaged the 3 people I knew in hawaii and tried to get all the information I could
where could I work
where could I live
I looked online at 2 in the morning and tickets were 150 both ways
300 road trip to hawaii??
I bought those suckers in an instant
the next morning I had a place to live
and I called my work--they could hire me for the next six weeks
i mean hellooooooo
it was a dream
so I took off
i left portland in this
and arrived to perfection
I lived across the Kamehameha highway from Hukilau Beach
my room was peach

i went on hikes
found incredible beaches

and did a whole lot of laying
I didn't go to school...I didn't have a job
all the money I saved working at home was spent on paradise
all for 2300 bucks
for 2 and a half months
in a week from tomorrow (monday)
James and I will be landing on Oahu
I can't wait to show him all my old haunts and eat all the foods and take every picture
have you been to Oahu? What are YOUR favorite things to do?
(PCC, Hukilau Cafe, etc)

holy guacamole

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

where do I begin
ok let's begin by saying hello
happy new year
it's now 2014
i always thought i'd be 95 in the year 2014 but apparently i'm just bad at math
james & i are currently marathoning LOST because this is what married people do
[amongst other things]
and i thought well, what the heck
let's cram the past month in a post
ya know, i got MARRIED

it really was a complete whirlwind 
and ended just as fast as it began
it was beautiful and perfect and etc etc
swe went off to park city for the weekend and the next week we jetted off to portland
for reception #2, christmas, nephews, my birthday

and all the food you could cram in your face
everyone is taking pictures of their feet and carpet at the PDX airport because OF THIS
[insert crying face emoji]

im 24 now. roll in the hearse

brandon [natalie's husband] took a series of mob inspired wedding shots at our Portland reception because we marathoned The Godfather with the whole fam
and let me tell you right now
don't let that accountant brain fool you
underneath his numbered facade is a creative man bursting out his red beard!
[those are coming!!]
we then went to washington. where james served his mission [Everett mission to be exact!]
the fool was literally a celebrity
we ward hopped and every member remembered Elder Curran and basically fell at his feet
it was pretty awesome
James made such an impact on the lives of so many people
and the ripple affect is so humbling and beautiful
James was the first and ONLY Russian speaking missionary in Everett
he started a small branch of Russians
and NOW
now there are 6 Russian speaking missionaries
my husband is a boss, is what that is.

ps go to lake washington
and thank me later
2014 feels good, huh.


Monday, November 18, 2013

as i write this there is a man in the apartment below me humming something very schmaltzy and i wish i could stop on the ground a few firm times and politely ask him which song he chooses to hum so loudly at 11:02 on a monday night but alas
i hold back.
today i want to write about families
i'm starting a new one, you know.
and making this new family merges together two other families
that couldn't be more different
i was raised pretty traditionally. my parents met when they were 14 and were married when they were 21 and still are today
all i knew was love and nurture and support 
james was raised....in the complete opposite situation
his parents were divorced when he was 6 and was raised with his little brother overseas (russia, taiwan, Uzbekistan, china) by their mom while their dad remained in the states.
having nothing to do with divorce and everything to do with who was left as a guardian
it doesn't take long after looking into his upbringing that it was everything but
loving. nurturing. supportive.
it breaks my heart. 
 but james some how made his way out of that mess and into a wonderful adult hood
his whole blog
is all about how he came from the worst childhood, making the dumbest decisions as a young man and
finding the Gospel of Jesus Christ and turning his life around.
I look at my two sisters and their sons that are 2 months apart. 
they are both AMAZING mothers
also, completely different
Amanda is detailed, organized, soft spoken---like the kind of mom that has her kids take french, violin, latin and fencing by age 4. she wears really expensive outdoor clothing and performs in the opera in oregon. 
 theo is the perfect child. (so is silas!)
Natalie--well we all know natalie. Natalie is free.She would argue that she is not---but i know her better. her days go with the mood of her spirit. and henry is her spirit whisperer. henry is also, the perfect child.
I guess my point is---
i feel like nothing is certain.
sounds cryptic
but just go with me here
if we pretend that we are the authorities and we know the formula for a perfect marriage, the perfect children...im pretty sure we're kidding ourselves.
yes of course there are elements that are necessary to help these institutions
love, support, understanding, charity
but haven't we all met kids who just turned out like jesse pinkman regardless of the nurturing family they were raised in?
or the james's that come out of dysfunction and become so solid?
the moral of all this is pretty much as simple and overstated as it is true
all we can do, is our best
in choosing a spouse
in creating a home
in raising a family
and after that
we are blessed with what we have
I don't know.
am I wrong?


Sunday, October 27, 2013

sooooo remember when everyone was tagging everyone on instagram and doing those annoying 
"5 things about me" or "25 things about me" and stuff?
wasn't that like SO egotistical and self centered??
I mean didn't we all roll our eyes and cringe as we scrolled through those long captions 

what i'm trying to say is i'm going to do that right now.
1. I got my bachelors in Vocal Performance from BYUI
 i was born in mesa, moved to connecticut when i was 4 and proclaimed i was going to be famous on broadway when i was 4.5
i think the first broadways show i saw was les mis  BUT I'LL NEVER FORGET watching 20/20 when I was 5 and seeing the special on ANNIE and WANTING TO BE HER
i really just wanted to stand there on stage and sing at the top of my lungs in front of a bajillion people
so naturally-Opera

2. I get really passionate about really stupid things. for example, do not tell me diet soda makes you fat. I will seriously go insane clown posse on your life. that sounded really scary. 

3. I enjoy a good, dark, gloomy, chilly, rainy day. snuggle me up, get me a bowl of ice cream--that sounds really good right now--and some tv. laziest of the lazy, don't judge me. actually, go ahead. i'll be too busy loving the not great outdoors.

4. i had a lisp until I was a freshman in high school. not cool when your name ends in X. also not cool to have a lisp.

5. everyone has those albums or artists that really affect them--they come at a certain time in your life and they heal your wounds ease your pain and all that mush. for me they are
kings of leon
take care-drake
bon iver (biggest duh of ever)
channel orange-frank ocean
*cliche alert* music is the most powerful force on earth

6. I am over this.
7.over and out
8.i have work in the morning
9. im probably gonna drink a white monster energy drink
10. night:)
11. read James's new blog post It's da bestttttttt
jamesthemormon.com ya'll:)

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