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Thursday, June 18, 2015

oh hey! It's been only....8 months but ayyyooooooooooooooo
I recorded a short (short for me) make up tutorial in my apartment the other night on a Peachy Summer Look! My goal is to make more tutorials, because they are fun and people seem to love them! I also hope through my tutorials we can talk more about the world of Medical Aesthetics (my schooling and in the near future, my career) and we can all learn a little more about how to help out our faces! 
So hey--What OTHER types of Make Up tutorials are ya'll interested in?? I'm open to suggestions!
Meanwhile, here we go!

Color Science Primer in spf 20
Make Up Forever HD Foundation in #120
Aveda Pressed powder in Creme
Aveda bronzer in Peach Lights
Covergirl Black eyeshadow
Wet n Wild bronzer (eyeshadow) in Rose Golden Goddess
Color Science SPF 50 Setting powder 
YSL lipstick in Rouge Volupté #13
Strip lashes from Walgreens

is it helpful to have links below on where to purchase?? let me know!


Thursday, October 23, 2014

I did another make up tutorial finally and it's kind of stupid. I hope you love!


ps. you can click on the products on the sidebar to see more about them:) if you have any questions lemmmmmme know!

my favorite lips

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

my favorite lips

FRIENDS! Let's talk about lips. Probably since 7th grade when I started wearing too much make up, I have worn lipstick. Listen, lipgloss is messy and sticky and it makes my face feel oily and dirty (ew) but Lipstick!?! I can put it on and move ON with my life. Here are the three lipsticks I get the most compliments on as of late. You guys should get on the lipstick train, it's fun in here!

Firstly--Rouge Volupte #13 by YSL.  It tastes like candy and smells like happiness. Big ups to momma Lovin for buying this for me and changing my life. Love you mom! But really, I absolutely endorse this amazing lip color and recommend it to the world. The world I tell you! Plus, people ask me about this every time I wear it!

 Secondly--Tonkin Pure Matte Lipstick by NARS. Look, the 90s are back and this nude matte lipstick color is so good. This is Kylie Jenner's go-to (so the Pinterest tells me so) and I'm kiiiiiiiiiind of wearing this everyday. It's so good for fall and just so good for life.

Thirdly--Mr. Lover #10 by Sephora Collection When you need some sass and excitement in your life, put this on your mouth and you're welcome! Not gonna lie, sometimes I'm a little scared to wear this because it's so darn bright, but again, so many compliments! I think it looks best with a black blazer, some jeans and some nude flats. done&done.

what do you think? will you join the lipstick train??

Nails:Im a mary

Thursday, October 9, 2014

If you follow my instagram -- you've probably seen my absurd nails. Being that Lana Del Rey is my style patronis, I decided long ago to throw caution to the wind and get some pointy-sass nails because YOLO.


 For a good amount of time, I did the light pink game. This says: Yes, while I know my nails could kill a man, they're also a light shade of class & taste. This is what I'm telling myself, anyway.

For fall, I wanted to try the darkest plum you could plum. Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI is the fall ticket. Granted, the name of this nail polish is kind of (really) sad because it is named after probably the worst (sorry) early 2000s band, but this color is glorious. So pretty.

While watching Hocus Pocus & admiring my witch nail game because duh, I came to ask myself: Alex, which Sanderson sister are you? While Winifred is the sassy front lining singer boss and Sarah is the hot sex pot, I've come to realize...I am the Mary. Fun, clueless, faithful & riding a vacuum.

Which Sanderson Sister are you? 




Tuesday, September 30, 2014

you may be wondering why i would post a selfie of myself today, here, on this blog...this is a joke, because literally every post i've ever posted includes a selfie.
the reason why this one is here today, is this was the first picture i took of myself where i felt worthy.
there's an elephant in this internet room, and to put it most respectfully, and honestly...
i found myself in a very dysfunctional, unhappy, unhealthy situation, and i got out. there are novels i could write--my "story" --but the people who know the ins and outs of my life are those closest to me, and that is how i'm choosing to live my life. i'm sure that sharing my "story" might inspire some; might allow them to look at their current situation and inspire a change. to you: i hope you find your inspiration from your higher being, from your family, but ultimately from yourself. and i mean that in the most inspiring and helpful way.
i want this blog to be a place of fun, and silly things and just, me. my make up obsessions, my apartment obsessions, my nail obsession (that's real) and all things entertaining and frivolous. I don't want to pretend to be some beacon of hope because frankly...i'm a stupid person trying to figure out this life just like everyone else! (yes, i just called you all stupid!) *wink face*
i also don't want this blog to be a reflection of my struggles, because guess what--
we are more than our challenges
we are more than our oppressions 
we are not victims
i wanted to come back here when i was ready and doing it for the best reasons.
friends, will you support me? i promise to support you. well, unless you suck. then i'm going to ignore you.


lovin lessons

Monday, February 17, 2014

I really should be doing hawaii part 2 
well, that should have happened a while ago
but this is happening right now...
I have started teaching voice and piano lessons from my living room
we'll just let the video say the rest:)

can we just all agree the freeze frame on my videos are ridiculous and horrifying.
here's my good friendstudent Phaya 
He's from haiti and he made it to the last round of American Idol
but was turned away..
so we're preparing him for the XFactor


--if you're interested in lessons via skype or in person, click the link on the side with my big-A face on it and message me! xoxo--

in a hawaiian dream part I

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

we just had the darndest time in Hawaii
Have you been?
You need to go
but i wanna tell you the insider secrets and what's worth doing and what's not worth doing
because money--
doesn't stretch far in the islands, my friends
so i wanna talk about what we did 
and hopefully you can take a little bit from this for your next excursion to da'aina
(that means island)
((yes we're gonna split this up into a few parts!))
if you dig looking over a never ending ocean abyss on your next flight over seas AND manage to NOT picture your plane spiraling down to your life vest failing, jack and rose esq, shark ripping off your limbs doom...
wait till the 'fasten seat belt' sign is off and get up and take a picture from the window on the hatch door next to the bathroom--
the window next to your seat won't snap this beauty
(I dig it)

take cheesy pictures of everything
including every palm tree you encounter
so we were really lucky on this trip.
James's SAINT of a cousin set us up in her old apartment

^this was our side^
^this was our neighbors side^
 don't spend your money on a hotel.
you should spend as little time in your sleeping space as humanly possible
you are on an island, its 80 degrees and if you wanna sit and do nothing, go to the beach and lay
SO I recommend AIRBNB and literally get the cheapest place possible
you'll be staying in an apartment most likely, which will give you more of a local experience anyway!
it was really fun pretending we were locals and making friends with our neighbors for the week

see if you can find your way to this hotel's beach
James's cousin is a local, meaning she was born and raised in honolulu and knows all the secrets
she knows what hotels you can sneak into pools at, and which you avoid
she took us to the beach behind the Sheraton Honolulu
and we surfed and layed and it was beautiful and the waves were perfect for us beginner dorks

here is james surfing like a pro
now, the next thing you'll need, is a delicious baby

(sorry for the boob shot)
(or, you're welcome)

this baby's name, is Fire
his mom is james's cousin, Maggie and his dad is also Fire
He is from the Virgin Islands and he is Rasta
they are perfect and they created the perfect baby
then you try to put on this Japanese floatation device made for infants
and then quickly take it off cause it appears to be suffocating the baby
let's talk about malasadas
listen, I don't have much to say about these because they are that good
malasadas are a Portuguese doughnut 
and they can come filled with creme, haupia (coconut) or chocolate
and they will change your life
now, malasadas are found all over, but LEONARDS ARE THE BEST
don't ask questions, just go.
My last little piece of advice for today, is probably gonna be the most beneficial
so when i first got to hawaii i was like okay i don't want to get a car that "looks" like a rental
this sounds---terrible
but when you look like a rental, you get cut off more, people don't let you in and frankly aren't very nice to you...
BUT man i'll tell you what
rental cars are like 70, 80 bucks a day
so when we found a smart car place....
with SMART CAR RENTAL plastered all over the place
I didn't even care
it was $50 a day for 3 days
we drove around the island like twice 
around town ALL DAY
and only used 12 dollars worth of gas.


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